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Hospitality management

The Burgeon Hotel Group has over a century of operations experience with its Executive Leadership. We have enlisted professionals from within our industry and from outside our core business to provide a broader perspective that will elevate the property level operations.


The dynamics of our Corporate to Property communication stem from asking our Hotel Team “How can we help?”. We believe that having the correct on-site operators is critical to the success of our hospitality endeavors. Our investment is in our people, assisting the Management Teams and supporting them in delivering exceptional customer service. The goal of our company is always to be the “Best in Class” of any operation we manage.


We provide our people with the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful. Our philosophy is viewing the organization from the bottom up and not the top down. Our expectation in delivering strong financial results must involve every level of the property. Every customer touchpoint is critical to our success. Our experience in understanding that every property we manage or own, has its own unique characteristics and respect the culture and style that will make it successful. 

Sheraton Los Angeles
San Gabriel Hotel
E-Central Hotel
Downtown Los Angeles
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